You and your friends want to do something that matters. And when you sign up your group for World Vision's Childhood Lost, you'll make a real impact in the lives of kids in Bangladesh. We'll provide you with the free resources that you need to pull off a Childhood Lost event. You'll never be the same after you:

1: Learn

Learn the harsh reality of child slavery and labor, and it’s impacts on Bangladeshi children.

1: Learn 1: Learn

2: Raise Funds

Engage your peers, your campus, and your social networks to give to your cause.

2: Raise Funds 2: Raise Funds

3: Change a Life

Through worship, transformation & justice, a life–including your own–will be changed for the better.

3: Change a Life 3: Change a Life


Progress Report

We want to raise $300,000 that will help 800 kids by providing them with a Child-Friendly Space.


Funds Raised to Date:


$271,152.17 needed to unlock our next project


Testimonial Testimonial

If you and I were sitting at a coffee shop and talking as friends, this is what I would tell you about my journey over the past few months. I would share my story with you and tell you why we started this project called “Childhood Lost,” as well as some of the bumps and […]


How does Childhood Lost work? By participating in Childhood Lost, college-age people raise money and awareness for child trafficking as they share in a 15 hour experience with their church or campus group, or group of friends, and their community. Groups use a creative and informational format that includes education, team-building, worship, and a community vigil. […]

What is Childhood Lost? What is Childhood Lost?

The Problem: Children deserve to see the world with wide eyes of expectation and adventure. But all around the globe, children are encountering horrors that steal their dignity and dreams. Children are traded like commodities for labor and sex and suffer abuse and neglect, oftentimes at the hands of those who should protect them most. […]

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