How does Childhood Lost work?

By participating in Childhood Lost, teenagers raise money and awareness for child trafficking as they share in a 15 hour experience with their youth group and their community. Groups use a creative and informational format that includes education, team-building, worship, and a community vigil.

Youth groups sign up to participate in Childhood Lost and set a fundraising goal and date to participate. Using our Childhood Lost curriculum, they’ll learn about the injustices many children around the world face in sex and labor trafficking and early marriage. Teenagers will learn about the culture of Bangladesh and how, by participating in Childhood Lost, they can help by stepping in and standing with those most vulnerable. Childhood Lost engages local communities by hosting a night-time vigil to remember and mourn children who have been affected by trafficking. Money will be raised with a specific goal of $300,000.

Where Does Childhood Lost Money Go?

The overall goal of $300,000 will fund 20 Child Friendly Spaces in Bangladesh, serving 800 children per year. The children served by Child-Friendly Spaces will have a representative from their community, on the ground, to intervene on their behalf.

How Do I Send in Funds?

Need to send in donations? Log in here and download the pdf “How to send in funds” from the list of resources.

Can I donate to Childhood Lost?

Yes. You can support a student or give a general donation.

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