The Problem:

Jagoroni Chakra Street Childrenís Center, Jessore, BangladeshChildren deserve to see the world with wide eyes of expectation and adventure. But all around the globe, children are encountering horrors that steal their dignity and dreams. Children are traded like commodities for labor and sex and suffer abuse and neglect, oftentimes at the hands of those who should protect them most.

How Can We Help?

Childhood Lost is an opportunity for teenagers to engage with each other, their churches, and their communities and tell the stories of children who have been forced to grow up as their innocence was stolen. We will shine light on what’s dark so all around us can see and act with us. We can mourn the loss of their childhoods, we can tell their stories, and we can equip justice workers in the field with the tools they need to bring about change. We can be agents of restoration so that what has been lost can be found: a future overflowing with hope. We can’t sit by and watch these injustices.

What You Can Do:

Childhood Lost is an experience of worship, transformation, and justice, which is achieved through peer-to-peer fundraising that will support ongoing World Vision work with children and communities in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas. Guide your group through a 15-hour experience that will educate them, move them, and mobilize them as agents of change and hope.


While there are vulnerable and oppressed children around the world, in countries at all stages of economic development, including the United States, Bangladesh has been chosen for Childhood Lost because its children face unique and extreme challenges, especially those who live in the many impoverished communities and villages of the still-developing nation.

While World Vision programs and partnerships are already increasing the safety of Bangladeshi children today, the funds raised by your group can expand existing programs. For more information on vulnerable children around the world and in Bangladesh, please visit our Facts and Stats page.

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